Day 1.1

So far life hasn’t panned out as my 19 year-old self would have liked it to pan out, but it’s all okay. I have lived and I have learned and this experience was something that I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else but on the bumpy road that put me in my present situation. What matters now, is that I’m sailing on the wind of optimism. It is due to a belief or realization that with enough patience, I can do anything and everything that I have ever wanted to do And have fun doing it. With this new found perspective, I’m once again the kid in an earth-sized candy store. And this blog that I made today, is a flavor that I picked out. I see all these great writers writing on their blogs, sharing their written art with other people that have the same taste, and I say to myself. Cool. I’ll open a blog today. I’ll write whenever I can on it, work on my writing skills every time I write, and in time, I’ll be able to write something worth sharing. Simple as that.


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