We are all in this world all alone, together.

Someone said this and it stuck in my mind.

Mainly because it sounded so correct to me.

When we come across this world we use our 5 senses to learn of it but

our self sticks out amongst everything else in this world in the sense

that it is the only thing we have a chance at experiencing from being.

The sensation you have within your body is an experience shared with no other and

everyone who has a body have their own version of this unique experience. 

The fact that none of us truly know what may be going through the inside of someone else’s

being, makes every judgement an incomplete judgement in the sense that one is coming to a

conclusion about someone when one is missing whats arguably the most significant piece of

information about the person. To me, this basically lets everyone and everything other than myself off the hook for everything (all judgement). And instead of wasting time and resources on trying to make sense of, well… everything when the one and only thing I am adequately positioned to understand is myself, I allocate my time so that I understand myself better. For me it’s mostly about how I feel during a particular moment in time. And from my experience i can testify that I have become a happier if not a better person and also have a better relationship with my family. 
Everything is fine and I can feel that it’s only going to get better but these times and experience makes me wonder about the answer to the question “Can man achieve salvation on his own?”
“Man will never have to.”




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