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I have nothing that I want to write about yet I will continue to write about something. My private written version of Seinfeld (Show about nothing). So today was a good day. Played table tennis and tennis with Pops and afterwards we had a family dinner at Alameda. One thing that happened that is noteworthy is that when we were getting our plates from the Public Market the server was pressed by my dad about the portion of the meal and the gentleman told us that we may come back for more if we weren’t full. I personally thought my dad shouldn’t have made an issue about the portion in the first place and i really thought my parents shouldn’t have told me to get some more rice when I had finished my served portion. I was kind of in awe of what my parents thought were within the rights of customers. For me, the store decides on the portion and the price of the meal. You may disagree onto what the portion is, but what you do then is move on to another restaurant not negotiate with the server what the portion should be. But screw what I think my parents and the server came from another culture and they (especially my parents) thought it was within the line of Korean Jung culture. I did go over there ( after being pressed by parents) and ask for more rice and I received plenty and I happily went on with my meal. So it worked out for me but I feel like I owe the guy one. I’ll go over there and tip him for the rice next time. But the question of the day is why do what seems okay to my parents not okay to me?  And this happens a lot. And because I’m naturally on my side I am inclined to say that I’m more correct but I’ve seen numerous cases where my parents did things that doesn’t sit well with me but work out just fine in the end. Afterwards I am labled as being anal. Am I? If so, why am I this way and what should I do about it to loosen my standards a bit?


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