closed mouth

one of the keys in breathing method because without your mouth closed the air just leaks out and your body above your 명치 doesnt get the air circulation it needs. Probably the reason for puffy face.

호흡의 마지막

둔식(엉덩이) 호흡이 정답이었다.

이유는 몸 위치에 중간에 있어서  순환이 원활하고

앉아서도 할 수 있으며

공기가 밑으로 빠지는데도 중요한 역활을 한다.

후세 사람들이어

명심해도 좋다.



So today, i have nothing i want to write about but decided i wanted to type some words and see where it leads me.

I’m not bored, rather I want to call it a craving for creativity. This way I dont have to be that boring guy but instead I can think of myself as

a creative being and i like that.

So to recap some of the things that are going on in my life. My basketball skill level is reaching an all time high. Thanks to the breathing metheod where i utilize my upper thighs to breathe. Ping pong is becoming pretty fun again. I will definitely try to go to the berkeley ping pong club again on of these days. I’m trying to pick up soccer on Sundays at castro valley. I’m also trying to learn to skateboard. Although its becoming colder by the day, I still like to and want to swim. Guitar is also on my agenda. I need to get me a nice guitar chord book so I can learn the chords. Singing is good also thanks to the breathing method.

Some things that are upcoming. Results from the test i took for translator exam. Next week i’ll start working at the grocery store. I want to learn to play poker. Learn piano. Drums. Train for triatholon. Learn computer. Math. Physics. Chemistry. Biology. Eastern Medicine. Art. Cook more. Bake. Spanish. German Chinese. Surf. Travel. Ski……….Everything 🙂

I gotta fix my body first. Eyes and upper body. Alrighty then. Let’s go Let’s go.